St. Augustine School

3808 - 106 Street
Edmonton, AB  T6J 2S3

Out of School Care & Daycare Program 
(Ages 3-5 and Grades k-6)

Located in the south side of Edmonton in a unique multicultural community, we have the opportunity to minister to unique needs, in a fun filled way and with diverse cultural experiences. In a very special setting and environment that is attached to the school but stand alone and meeting the need of both groups of child care, our building was built and specially suited for child care needs. As is our staff and programs. Working with the school, we foster multiculturalism, and multicultural staff to assist in meeting the children's every needs. A great relationship with amenable school staff is an asset. As is the school's specialized programs.

Both a daycare and an out of school component in the same, spacious facility. Easy transition from school to daycare and vice versa, puts parent's minds at ease as to their child's well-being throughout the day.

We invite you to visit the school and enjoy the warm and welcoming environment as we have, that is St. Augustine.

Link to the school:

Tel. 780-707-7487
Cell 780-919-7471
Cell 780-966-4091